Welcome to my blog!  

I have been a registered nurse for over five years and work in the Intensive Care Unit. I always considered myself a "healthy" and active individual, however, it wasn't until I educated myself on my diet that I noticed immense changes in my body, mind, and overall wellness.  

I don't mean my 'diet' as in the countless fads people SWEAR by.  

And I certainly don't mean those "magic" pills that promise you to look like Kim K in 3 days.  

I refer to my diet as in the food and drink I choose to put in my body every day. I have modified my behaviors. I made it a lifestyle.  

Healthcare is constantly using evidence-based practices and continued education to improve our knowledge and understanding of disease processes and how we can better prevent and manage them.  

Working in the ICU, I see people at their very worst. Nutrition and regular activity plays such a large role in so many illnesses and it hurts me to know that most people do not even know where to begin with it.

I created this blog to share my passion, knowledge, and experiences on a healthy lifestyle based on sound nutrition and regular physical activity.  

I truly love to help others, and what better way than to spread this information to those who WANT it!  

I hope you enjoy and are able to help yourself and your loved ones reach personal goals and live a happier, healthier life!

         Xo, Joelle