Get Lean With Breakfast

If anybody loves you they have told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  

Funny I say that now, because I was neverr a breakfast person.  

After I started to educate myself and experience with my meal planning, I had noticed major changes by adding in breakfast!

NOW, I go to bed solely for the thought of having breakfast in the morning.  

I track my meals to meet my personal goals for calories and macros. And although I found I was able to stick to my regimen better by adding in breakfast, I still felt like I was missing something. I found my body at that frustrating, demotivating plateau.

I finally went to one of my good friends, IFBB Pro Pablo Sandino. There is SO MUCH information out there in cyber-nutrition-world, that you want to make sure you get your information from someone with the knowledge and experience.  

He is my guy.

He knows me pretty well as far as my life, career, family, and fitness goals. He only had to ask me one question. "What are you eating for breakfast?"  

I answered with so much excitement because every morning I have been waking up eating my FAVORITE bowl of oatmeal with almond milk, a banana, and 1 tbsp almond butter.

He responded with, "No."

Due to a state of desperation, I took his advice to limit carbs in my first meal of the day, and kept it high in protein and healthy fats.  

Needless to say our friendship ended that day (the whole oatmeal thing), but I now refer to him as my "genius."  

I saw improvements in my energy and cravings within days and in 2 weeks I noticed dramatic changes in my overall physique. I started to really lean out which I had been trying soo hard to accomplish.

And the day I saw my 2 week progress picture, I asked him if we could be friends again.

Keep Your First Meal OTD Rich In Protein & Healthy Fats

The science behind it is (simple)...

Eat fat to burn fat. 

Paired with protein, this makes for the ultimate fat-burner! Protein takes a lot of energy to digest, so by making protein a source in my breakfast that had previously lacked, I was able to obtain the lean look I was aiming for!

A breakfast focused on protein and healthy fats will:

  • keep you full longer off fewer calories
  • provide sustained energy and prevent crash
  • encourage your body to burn fat instead of carbs through out the day
  • hold on to lean muscle during weight loss

Read more about the benefits of using healthy fats in place of carbs here

The problem with my original breakfast choice was it was loaded with carbs and lacked protein.  

I want to stress that oatmeal is NOT unhealthy! It has so many nutritional benefits and I STILL enjoy it! I have just changed the timing and what I put in it to make it more balanced and beneficial for ME. I by no means encourage or agree with cutting carbs completely. But that can be another post...

It is most important to have a complete evaluation before receiving nutrition advice from any valuable source. Every body is different. Not only do our bodies react different to all food types, but we all have different schedules, stressors, workout routines, and goals. And although this works tremendous for me right now, it may take you trial and error to find out what works best for YOU and YOUR goals.  

Lean Breakfast: High In Protein And Healthy Fats

My Go-To BFast

-coconut oil cooking spray

-1 cup egg whites

-1/2 avocado

-2 tbsp salsa

-ground pepper

-garlic lovers by Flavor God

-coffee, because, coffee

Nutrition Value:

268 kcal with 26g Protein. 8g Carbs. 12g Fat.

Egg whites with avocado and salsa-so simple yet so delicious and nutritious! It's a great balance and keeps me energized and full until my next meal time. Sometimes I modify it by adding veggies to the egg whites or a side of turkey bacon. Ugh, the simple things in life.

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